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What Our Clients Say

‘Would highly recommend. Brian was great and thorough in explaining how our goals for our kitchen remodel could be met. He had a thorough grasp on the cabinet options and what changing this cabinet may imply when it comes to the adjacent cabinets. The detailed planning approach paid dividends when it came time for construction which was managed seamlessly. I’ll be using him again for future projects.’


‘I really enjoyed working with Emily and Brian in re-envisioning my master bath. Emily was able to offer a ton of selections in different styles til we found the perfect one and Brian was great with working with the chosen style and laying it out on paper so I could see how it would all come together. A great process all the way through!’

– Nicole

‘Brian really understands the different steps through the construction process, I’ve been working with him on a large full-house remodel and he really understood how different decisions affected the layouts, selection allotments and costs throughout the process, great communication also, would definitely work with him again.’

– Mike

‘Working with Emily was fantastic!! For someone who doesn’t visualize well, redesigning a bathroom can be quite the process, you never realize how many items you need to pick out from the tile to the vanity to the smallest of accessories like cabinet knobs. Emily was there and able to help guide us through each stage and create a beautiful bathroom!.’


Custom Remodels
and Additions


Get the home that has all your wants and needs.

Need a home upgrade but don’t know where to start? We offer remodeling services of any magnitude, big or small, from old-fashioned craftsmanship to modern designs… whilst ensuring that your home maintains its architectural integrity.

We’re here to help you realize the vision you have of your dream home, shaped to your personal taste.

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We love continuing to improve on your home as your lifestyle needs continue to develop!

You receive the benefit of quality design and construction services. We are a team-oriented group who serve your project needs with an endearing sense of commitment.

Our project experience encompasses a broad spectrum of work across the residential building sphere.

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Additions to Existing
Living Spaces

Garage Additions

Accessory Dwelling Units

Custom Home Builds

We can build on your lot or assist in selection of the perfect lot for your dream home. You’ll be involved throughout the whole process, from designing to building and beyond.

You receive the benefit of quality design and construction services. We are a team-oriented group who serve your project needs with an endearing sense of commitment.

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Design and Build

During the entire process, we will communicate directly and oversee the entire project.

Initial Consultation

Proposal Acceptance

Design & Selection

Construction Contract

Construction Begins

Where We

For more than 11 years, we’ve been remodeling and building homes from Colonial Beach to Woodbridge to Culpeper to Lake Anna and Everywhere in Between!

Who We Help

Anyone who wants a truly custom space where form and function intersect whether it be pure luxury, cozy comfort or a combination of both.

Growing Families

We can help transition your space to accommodate a new addition to the family, whether it be converting an unused space into a nursery or an empty loft above a garage into a full in-law suite.

Empty Nesters

We can transform the space that your family has outgrown back into a functional home that better fits your new lifestyle

Multi-Generational Families

Whether it’s an aging parent or a recent graduate, we can build independent living quarters in the form of an addition or garage apartment that serves their needs while building your equity.

Residential Investors

We can maximize the income potential of your rental property by reconfiguring layouts to add bedrooms or bathrooms and make the property more appealing to prospective tenants.

Move In To Your Dream home

Design your dream home or remodel your existing home to suit your needs and lifestyle! We’ll work together to realize the vision that you have for your dream home.

Meet the Team

FXBG Construction is a local female-owned construction firm specializing in custom remodels, additions and new construction.

Emily Beck
Emily Beck has been performing residential design services in the Fredericksburg area for the past 9 years.  Her expertise includes finish selections and layout functionality.  She is vital to the task of bringing form to meet function.

Brian Beck
11+ years of construction experience ranging from Ground Up Builds to Insurance Restoration to Full House Remodels and everything in between.  His specialties lie in the ability to provide accurate initial job costs and an efficient construction process.  He is critical to bringing the design to fruition.


Why Choose Us?

Family-Owned and Operated Locally

By maintaining a small two-person management team it allows for consistent and thorough communication between the design side of the project and the construction side of the project. This communication allows for the bulk of foreseeable issues to be avoided prior to the start of construction allowing a much quicker and smoother time under build.

Our ownership structure also ensures that you will be dealing directly with a decision maker throughout every step of the process as opposed to a chain of command that you may find amongst some larger competitors leading to a more efficient process.

Flexibility of Cost-Plus Contracting Or Lump Sum Contracting

We are fully transparent and we value your project requirements as well as restrictions. For those who have a firm budget and minimum time to invest in cost management, our contracts allow you to dictate the total cost of the project dependent on choices made throughout the design phase.

Our Cost Plus contracts offer 100% control of the costs to the customer and the Lump Sum contracts provide a fixed price based on the plan/design phase where we as the contractor take responsibility for sourcing all materials directly in accordance with the plan within the allowances dictated.

Design To Build To Completion

From design to build, up to completion, we’ll collaborate down to the details so that we can bring your project or vision to life! Our team ensures that we meet all your requirements and keep everything on track.

All our tradesman and subcontractors are licensed and insured in order to bring you high quality service and expert knowledge to fix any problem you may have with your system.

Highly-Efficient and Reduced Build Time

Reduced project timelines and budgets are often hindered by the lack of proper foresight and planning, a common challenge in remodeling. This is addressed by our front-end planning to ensure highly efficient and timely builds. 

At FXBG Construction we provide value through efficiency. Our efficiency is 100% reliant on a firm, executable plan used to set schedules with our tradesman and realistic expectations for the homeowner

All our tradesmen and subcontractors are licensed and insured in order to bring you high-quality service and expert knowledge to fix any problem you may have with your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get an estimate?

Upon completion of the initial consultation, we can typically prepare a preliminary cost estimate with 3 to 5 business days, this will be delivered as a proposal for design costs and a rough budget for construction. Click here to see How It Works »

Do you use subcontractors?
The subcontractors we work with have worked with us personally for several years.  In addition to our license and insurance, they independently carry their own licenses and insurance.  As a result of our long relationship they are familiar with our process and quality expectations.  
How do you handle communication?

We will be in communication with you weekly at a minimum during the preliminary phases as well as daily once the build starts.

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How long will the remodeling take to finish?

Timelines vary tremendously due to a number of factors including, materials, site conditions, county permitting, etc. Through our years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of projects and counties, we are able to provide a fairly accurate initial timeline for both preparation and building upon our initial site consultation

Can I live in my home thru the remodel?
In most cases yes, there may be some inconveniences depending on the layout and scope of the project, but most projects can proceed allowing you to maintain residence throughout the majority of the project.

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